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Educating young minds on their responsibilities towards the environment

The time is here when each of us, the people, government and business corporations need to understand our responsibilities towards the environment more than ever.

CWD is educating young minds and engineers to make them aware of their responsibilities and enhance their skills in making the best contributions to improving our environmental conditions.

We provide hands-on training and educational courses on

Geographic Information System (GIS):

Familiarize with the GIS software for advanced spatial analysis. A powerful tool used for computerized mapping and spatial analysis, GIS provides functionality to capture, store, enquire, analyse, display and produce geographic information.

Course will also include detailed exercises on:
  • Usage various Geoprocessing tools
  • Handling the data in GIS environment
  • Digitization and conversion of data
  • Creating customized maps
Hydrological and Hydraulic (H&H) Modeling:

Amid the current Skill Development landscape in India, it is imperative that our focus must be directed towards enhancing the skill sets of aspiring Engineers. Academic Institutions and Universities such as yourselves, serve as an important conduit in realizing this. In such an endeavour, we seek your support in creating a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Hydrology and Water Resource Management, for the training needs of young Civil Engineers of your University and equip them with an integrated and dynamic learning platform.

This learning platform seeks to provide Upskilling programs which include:

Interdisciplinary approach to Urban Planning: Mitigating Urban Floods, Lake Rejuvenation, Urban Sanitation, Rain Water Harvesting...

Provide PCSWMM Licenses at subsidized cost to work on Low Impact Development, Storm Water Modeling, Flood Modeling Sewer Network Design...

Providing Comprehensive Training Workshops to Professors and Faculties

The best performing students will be provided with opportunities to intern and work on Flagship programs like Jal Jeevan Mission, Flood Analysis, River Rejuvenation & Canal Modernization Projects.

Need for Upskilling our Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering in the last decade, is no longer restricted to construction of structures but rather is focusing on environmental aspects of societal development that include Sustainable use of Water and Land Management, particularly in the fields of Water Supply and distribution, Flood Plain Zoning and Storm Water designs, Management of Rain Water and Dam Break Analysis.

Civil Engineers are called upon to play an important role in environmental protection and are expected to have exposure in Planning, Design, Construction and Operation of Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment facilities, Water Distribution Network modeling.

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